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We provide three types of "financial adviser" services.

1. Investment Management

2. Trade Alerts

3. Financial Counseling - Therapy

Investment Portfolio Management

​​1. Help individuals plan and invest to achieve their financial goals. 

2. We meet your needs through true active management  

Trade Alerts
We will send you daily, weekly, monthly equity trade alerts with texting and emailing, buy and sell recommendations in our opinion.  You have total discretionary control of your investment account.  The subscription fee is $39.00 monthly until you cancel your subscription. Previous charges won’t be refunded when you cancel unless it’s legally required. Your payment data is encrypted and secure. 
Financial Counseling
We help you one-on-one to cope with financial stress and how to manage your everyday money.  We integrate finance and human behavior to align your monetary decision with the aspects of your life to help you control your spending and achieve a long term savings goal. ​​
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